I liked your photos. I want you to be photographed my property. What do I do next?

Please contact me. Tell me about your property, where it is. And together we will plan the shoot.

To obtain the most effective results, an object necessarily need to be prepared before shooting. After I spend photographing and post-processing of the images, I’ll send you a link where you can download full-size photos of your property. It is also possible to convey to you the finished images on laser disk.

How far will you travel?

To all ends of the earth.

Initially, the service costs includes the costs to travel inside Moscow (inside MKAD). In the case of more distant travels we tentatively agree on all necessary expenses.

How much time needed to take photographs?

In the case of a photographing for sale of real estate, or the surrender of its lease, for example, in a cottage the size of about 300 m² with a site of 15 acres will require 3­-4 hours of shooting.

If photographing being done to advertising opportunities of an interior designer or architect, the time it takes considerably longer, as task to show not just a “box”, but the style of the author. This survey is more complex and in terms of preparation, and in terms of the actual shooting. Here the exact time required can be understood only in the drafting process.

Can I use your pictures in newspapers/magazines, for outdoor advertising?

Of course! Photos of your property sent to you along with the license to freely use them in any media within the CIS. If necessary, a license is expanding to meet your requirements. But please be aware that this license does not allow sublicensing — you may not permit anyone to use these images for their needs. In addition, copyrights to all photos remain with the photographer and his name must be specified when publishing images as illustrations in newspapers, magazines, Internet etc.

I have a “burn” deadline of going to print. How fast can you give me the finished result? Is it possible to somehow speed up the timing for an additional fee?

Usually, the preparation of shooting requires at least a week. A week after shooting I give finished photography. Sometimes due to the large volume of work this durations are increases.

If possible, I always try to go to meet and adapt to meet your deadlines. In this case, I do not take the extra money for “acceleration”. But please bear in mind that rush work — this is the exception rather than the rule. If you enter work in a hurry as the system, I’ll be forced to refuse to provide you with services in the future, because rush is always one way or another negative affects the quality of results.

Can you assist in the publication of photos of my estate in the press?

Yes, I have a possibility to assist in the publications in the Russian and some other press.

By my work, I know the demands of various publishing houses to the original records and have direct access to the build-editors. Please, contact me, describe the task and I will help you prepare a publication on your property in accordance with the requirements of a specific publishing house or, conversely, pick up a magazine in which your project will look like the most advantageous.